Code Of Ethics

As a Member of the Stamp and Coin Dealers Association of Australasia Inc, I agree to comply with the following Code of Ethics and will:

  1. Promote, develop and maintain a high standard of moral ethics in all my business dealings.
  2. Purchase and sell Philatelic and/or Numismatic items at prices commensurate with a reasonable return to the seller and for a reasonable return on my investment with regards to the then prevailing rate.
  3. Furnish my clientele with advice on Philatelic and/or Numismatic information to the best of my ability.
  4. Not handle forgeries, counterfeits, unmarked copies, altered coins or other spurious Philatelic and/or Numismatic merchandise that is not clearly labelled as such.
  5. Immediately refund on any item sold by me where the description was either inaccurate or misleading, within a reasonable period of time after the transaction. In the event of any dispute arising between any customer and myself or with any other Member of the Association I agree to abide by any ruling in connection with such dispute as shall be given by the Executive Committee for the time being of the Association.
  6. Refrain from criticising fellow Member dealers or their stock to collectors and purchasers.
  7. Not knowingly handle for resale stolen Philatelic and/or Numismatic items and I will abide by all Local, State and Federal Laws in all Philatelic and/or Numismatic matters and assist in the prosecution of violators of the Law in this respect.
  8. Accurately grade merchandise, giving cognisance to the fact that grading is subjective and a matter of personal opinion, yet utilize recognised industry guidelines.
  9. Support and be subject to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Stamp and Coin Dealers Association and such amendments, resolutions and policies as may be established.